BTC-e provides an online tool that allows users to freely trade Bitcoins and other altcoins for a number of different currencies worldwide.

You can trade the following altcoins on BTC-e:

  • BTC Bitcoin to USD and EUR
  • LTC Litecoin to USD and EUR
  • BTC / RUR (Russian coin)
  • BTC / LTC
  • LTC /RUR
  • NMC / BTC
  • NMC / USD
  • NVC / BTC
  • NVC / USD
  • USD / RUR
  • EUR / USD
  • TRC / BTC
  • PPC / BTC
  • FTC / BTC

BTC-e fees: In order to pay for server space, bandwidth, programmers, designers, and other costs, BTC-e imposes a standard: Fee – 0.2% fee on every transaction performed by all users of the website. This transaction may vary and may be different for each individual account.