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MangoCoinz – the first altcoin for Android

MangoCoinz [MCZ] is the first cryptocurrency for Android operating system. It is also the first altcoin which can be easily mined on every Android smartphone or tablet. No CPU or GPU power is required to mine Mangocoinz. It’s new, flexible, … Continue reading

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BitSwift – a 100% POS cryptocurrency

BitSwift [SWIFT] is a 100% POS altcoin designed to change public perception of how wire transfers and sending currency works around the planet. With SWIFT, users can send money anytime, to anyone, anywhere in the world. Transfers take place almost … Continue reading

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MidasCoin – scrypt PoM

MidasCoin, relaunched on 19th September 2014, is a new PoM (proof-of-mining) scrypt altcoin. MidasCoin is a cryptocurrency with 0 Premine, no IPO, and directly backed by its own independent reserve. The value of MidasCoin is backed, guaranteed, and transparent at every moment. MidasCoin website: … Continue reading

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NHZ – NeXT Horizon – 100% POS

NeXT Horizon [NHZ] is an altcoin based on NXT. Launched in March 2014, NHZ was designed to address the distribution problems of NXT and its clones. The IPO strategy always means that all altcoins are distributed right from the start, making … Continue reading

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CLOAK – CloakCoin – Decentralized Market and PoSA – X13

Cloakcoin is an altcoin using X13 hashing algorithm, features decentralized market and PoSA. It has been the first cryptocurrency with an inbuilt exchange trading platform, for trading direct from wallet. Launch date: June 2014. CLOAK introduces PoSA – Proof of Stake Anonymity. … Continue reading

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