Bitcoin Games

Online bitcoin games give you chances to win BTC every day. You can play online minesweeper, bingo and other online games and get some free bitcoins from them.

List of online bitcoin games:

Bitcoin Lotto – BitMillions is a fully automated and cheat proof lottery system based on the Bitcoin Blockchain. Numbers are calculated through a complex but extremely secure and fair process. Each block corresponds to one draw and winnings are automatically paid in full on the 6th confirmation.

Bitcoin Kamikaze is based on famous Minesweeper. You are a kamikaze and you need to go through field with mines. Every line contains one mine. You need to choose one from 5 cells and if you don’t choose the mine, you will be able to go forward. On every step you may take your current award. If you once choose the mine, you lose your current bet.

Bitcoholic is a new bitcoin game which allows you to earn some additional BTC. Here is how it works: you can buy the Bitcoin Drink for a given amount (currently 0,037 BTC). Afterwards its value will increase by 33% (0.01 bitcoins), and after the next buyer takes it off your hands, you will receive 0.037 bitcoins (20% profit)!

There is a 1,7% chance that your purchase resets the crown, so your chance of winning is 98,3%.

It also resets if nobody buys it for 3 days. In both cases, it will reset to 0.01 bitcoins and the last buyer will be reimbursed 20% of his last payment.