C-CEX is an altcoin trading exchange.

  • Trade over 100 different cryptocurrencies.
  • Free & Instant User to User coin transfers
  • Low cost escrow service (coming soon!)
  • USD trading

C-Cex Loyalty Program:

Altcoin Exchange Points – Earn points for doing the things you already do. Earn points when you trade, refer other users, and from trades your referred users perform. Trade points on the exchange – use points to enter weekly drawings for prizes.

C-CEX – exchange markets for over 100 altcoins!

Main features of the C-CEX altcoin exchange platform:

  • Security – 2FA (e-mail, sms, google authenticator), e-mail confirmations, SSL, DDoS protection, anti-theft protection, hot/cold storage.
  • Fast deposits / trades / withdraws
  • Merchant service included!
  • Trade any coin at BTC, USD, DOGE and NXT markets!
  • Choose from 100+ coins to trade for BTC/USD/DOGE/NXT.
  • Transfer funds instant directly between accounts without comission
    We have a mechanism to instantly transfer any funds between accounts via “C-CEX codes”.
  • They have very responsive support team – You can contact C-CEX via skype or “Support” section.
  • Webcamera QR-code reading support: you can easy scan Your wallet address or C-CEX code from paper / smartphone / tablet or other computer using your webcam.
  • Chat live with fellow traders
  • Vote for new coins to be added

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