ANC – Anoncoin

anoncoinAnoncoin is a scrypt altcoin with active development support which focus on Anonymity. It was forked out of Litecoin, but have since catched up with the Bitcoin source, and taken it’s own way.

Anoncoin website with wallet downloads:

Anoncoin is mainly targeting to be used through the invisible internet i2p and tor.

Anoncoin specifications:

  • scrypt hashing
  • 3 minute block targets
  • 5 coins, then subsidy halves in 306600 blocks (~2 years)
  • Total number of Anoncoins: 4,2 Million
  • Native I2P support (Anonymous darknet)

Anoncoin resources:

http://anoncoin.i2p (I2P link)
http://futz4b7tmqzoxnc6.onion (TOR link)

Block Explorers:




Mining pools:

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