DGC – Digitalcoin

DGC_digitalcoinDigitalCoin (DGC) is an established alternative cryptocurrency launched in May 2013with a track record of providing 100% security. This regard for stability and security is inherent in the design. DGC is optimized for performance, speed, and security.

Official DigitalCoin [DGC] website: http://digitalcoin.co

Download the latest version of wallets from official DGC website.

DGC Digitalcoin specifications:

  • PoW Algorithm: Scrypt
  • Block confirmations come in at an average of every 40 seconds.
  • Rewards started at 20 and have since gone down to 15
  • Maximum number of DGC coins: ~144,500,000 coins

DGC block explorers:

The DGC mining rewards halve every 3 years and give DGC the same increasing rarity that currencies/commodities such as Gold and silver possess.

Digitalcoin [DGC] can be exchanged to Bitcoin at many exchanges:

  • Vircurex.com DGC/BTC
  • Cryptsy.com DGC/BTC, DGC/LTC
  • Crypto-trade.com DGC/BTC
  • BTC38.Com DGC/CNY – Chinese
  • Bter.Com DGC/BTC, DGC/CNY – Chinese/English
  • C-cex.Com DGC/USD, DGC/BTC
  • Bitchanger.ru DGC/BTC – Russian
  • Cryptorush.in DGC Markets for New Cryptos

Facebook profile of DGC coin: https://www.facebook.com/DigitalCoinDGC

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