Feathercoin [FTC]

FeathercoinFeathercoin is an Internet p2p currency based on Litecoin. It uses scrypt PoW hashing algorithm. It was launched in spring 2013.

Official Feathercoin website: http://feathercoin.com/

Remember to download the latest client versions from official Feathercoin website.

Feathercoin specifications:

  • Block reward 200 coins
  • 2.5 minutes block target
  • 126 blocks to retarget difficulty with 504 average and .25 damping
  • 9% maximum change on difficulty retarget
  • Block reward halves every 840,000 blocks
  • Default port is 9336
  • Default RPC port is 9337

Feathercoin mining pools:

Feathercoin can be mined using GPU hardware just like any other scrypt PoW coin. You can exchange BTC/FTC and FTC/BTC on many altcoin exchanges, such as:

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