MangoCoinz – the first altcoin for Android

mangocoinzMangoCoinz [MCZ] is the first cryptocurrency for Android operating system. It is also the first altcoin which can be easily mined on every Android smartphone or tablet. No CPU or GPU power is required to mine Mangocoinz.

It’s new, flexible, and it’s yet to receive a stable physical currency value. Jump in while there are plenty of them to be mined!


Mangocoinz website:

Mangcoinz wallet is an Android app. It can be downloaded from Google Play using the following link:

How to mine this altcoin on your smartphone?

It’s very easy. Just download and install the application and it will be running in the background. It does not require much CPU or battery because MangoCoinz uses a completely new mining system.

MangoCoinz uses the phone’s sensor for translating movement energy into coins. Basically the accelerometer outputs data that is the phone’s acceleration. Acceleration has magnitude and direction. The phone’s accelerometer has 3 axis (X, Y and Z). The premise of the app was to reward movement with coins, and we are achieving this by adding all of the three magnitudes (absolute values) of every axis with some tolerances and removing gravity (9.81 m/s2).

To save on battery the app is checking for the acceleration every 5 seconds. The miner doesn’t work if you are standing still, or you are at terminal velocity. Terminal velocity is basically when an object reaches a state where it can’t accelerate anymore (terminal velocity for an average skydiver is about 200 km/h (about 125 mph), and that depends on their posture that effects wind resistance), and the acceleration is 0 m/s2. A simple example of this is a skydiver that is falling at a constant speed. In that case the skydiver wouldn’t be getting any coins. But while falling and accelerating the miner was ticking away gathering coins.

Official Announcement thread

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