Memorycoin grant voting

All addresses beginning MVTExEx are eligible to receive grants providing they receive enough votes, where x must be a number between 1 and 9, and the lowercase letter o represents 0.

The amount of the grant that the address is eligible to receive is based on these numbers.

a MVTE3E2 is eligible to receive a grant of 3×10^2 = 300
a MVTE8Eo is eligible to receive a grant of 8×10^0 = 8

MVTEoEo is a special code meaning the grant is open ended.

To vote for a grant, send a small amount of coin to the address. For example, to vote send 10 satoshis to MVTEoEo825yn7BaawUwKTRYof1r6RXoe2Q

You should vote for grants in order of preference. Lower amounts represent higher preferences. Grants are awarded every 20 blocks using a STV voting system.

You can generate your own grant addresses using vanitygen – click on the batch files in the vanitygen directory of the download to make your own grant address. It will be place in the ‘grantawardkkey.txt’ file

Grant awards to MVTEoEo addresses are awarded immediately. Other types of grant awards cumulate until they reach the threshold. A small amount of satoshi is sent to the address each time a vote is won before the threshold is reached.

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