NHZ – NeXT Horizon – 100% POS

NHZ_next_horizonNeXT Horizon [NHZ] is an altcoin based on NXT. Launched in March 2014, NHZ was designed to address the distribution problems of NXT and its clones. The IPO strategy always means that all altcoins are distributed right from the start, making the initial owners earn money on the cost of the later adopters.

NHZ altcoin specifications:

  • Second generation coin (fork of NXT)
  • Forging
  • 100% proof of stake
  • Instant transactions
  • Total of NHZ
  • Block time ~2 minutes
  • Routable through tor
  • Encrypted messaging
  • 10% dividends to stakeholders

NHZ official website and resources:

NHZ is a 100% Proof of Stake coin, there’s no mining to secure the blockchain. Instead, every running node can take part in the process of forging blocks without the need for distinct hardware. The share in forged blocks depends on the balance of the forging account. The one who forges a block receives all included transaction fees.

Earn NHZ for maintaing a node: For setting up stable nodes NHZ pays out 666 NHZ/day for a hallmarked node through their automatic Server Bounty System (bounty will be sent to account id which the hallmark includes)

Guide for setting up a hallmark (Linux and Windows – if you just want to install the client because you don’t have a static ip, skip the hallmark parts of it):
http://files.nhzcrypto.org/docs/hallmark.pdf (chinesegerman)

NHZ can be exchanged to Bitcoin and other altcoins – NHZ exchanges:

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