PGC – Pangucoin

Pangucoin [PGC] – a CPU altcoin based on scrypt-jane. Pangubi coin was launched on 17th September 2013. Origin of the coin name:

Pangu (盘古) was the creator of all in Chinese mythology. He separated Yin from Yang with a swing of his giant axe, creating the Earth (murky Yin) and the Sky (clear Yang). To keep them separated, Pangu stood between them and pushed up the Sky. This task took 18,000 years; with each day the sky grew ten feet (3 meters) higher, the Earth ten feet wider, and Pangu ten feet taller. Pangu Coin is named after this chinese mythical figure.

PGC – Pangu coin details:

  • hashing algorithm scrypt-PGC (CPU-friendly) as a proof of work scheme
  • 30 million total coins
  • 1 minute block targets
  • mostly 10 coins per block
  • rewards: 1st 6 months, reward steps down from 100, 50, 25, 10, 5
  • subsidy halves 4 years

PGC downloads and links:
PGC coin QT Windows client download:

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