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Primecoin logoRelease Time of Primecoin was 2013 July 7, 18:00 UTC

Primecoin site: http://primecoin.org

Design paper published: http://ppcoin.org/static/primecoin-paper.pdf

Source code:

Official Build (Windows + Linux, primecoind & primecoin-qt):

Primecoin specifications

To understand the primes stored in block chain, one should read my design paper regarding prime chains.

In the ‘getblock’ output, there is a ‘primeorigin’ field. This is the origin of prime chain described in design paper, from which you can derive the prime numbers in the chain.

Another field ‘primechain’ describe this primechain type and length:

  • 1CC -> Cunningham chain of 1st kind
  • 2CC -> Cunningham chain of 2nd kind
  • TWN -> bi-twin chain

The length part consists of an integral length and a fractional length. The integral length is what we understand normally about chain length, the fractional part is a score system assigned to the prime chain in order to make difficulty adjustment continuous.

Primecoin Symbol

The currency symbol of primecoin is chosen as the greek letter psi. This letter is chosen as a tribute to Riemann, as its shape symbolizes the Riemann zeta function (there is a graphical rendering used in primecoin windows setup screen). The horizontal bar not only acts as the standard currency symbol convention, but also symbolizes one of the highest jewels of math – Riemann hypothesis.

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