QORA – 100% PoS cryptocurrency

qora_logoQora is a 100% Proof-of-Stake 2nd generation cryptocurrency. Launched in March 2014, it was designed from the ground up to solve Bitcoin’s biggest problems while also adding new promising features.

Qora uses a new proof-of-stake algorithm making it future-proof. This altcoin was developed in Java and relies on native C libraries to perform the most CPU intensive tasks.

Qora wallet download links

Current version of Qora wallet is v13 (as in July 2014):
MD5: 606C8D084DB1AC07801027B226E32456
SHA-1: 9801B0D74640CAC516C113630110A3ED6CD94F00

Qora website: http://qora.org

Qora coin features and technical specifications

  • Ed25519 DSA to verify and sign messages
  • 1-5 minute block time depending on the network activity.
  • The total amount of Qora in existence is 10’000’000’000 (10 Billion).
  • Retargeting every 10 blocks.
  • Password protected wallets that can be recovered/generated from seeds.
  • New Proof-of-Stake algorithm.
  • A JSON RPC API to directly communicate with the client.
  • Naming Service: allows the user to register a key-value pair which can be used for various purposes (URLS, addresses, …).
  • Voting System: Allows voting inside the client to make community decisions such as which feature will be implemented next.
  • Colored Coins/Assets.
  • Arbitrary Transactions: a simple feature which allows users to send any payload they want over the network.
  • Transaction Boosting: higher transaction processing speed by not having to broadcast the transactions to the whole network.

Qora block explorer: http://coinia.net/qora/blockexplorer.php

Qora can be exchanged to Bitcoin and Litecoin here:


Future features:
Anonymous transactions/Zerocoin, as one of the biggest problems of Bitcoin is of course that every transaction is traceable. Currently Zerocoin is the most promising project which is trying to solve that problem in a decentralized way.

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