[CLOSED] Skeincoin giveaway

Get free Skeincoins – [SKC] Skeincoin Giveaway!

This giveaway is limited to fifty first people. 50 first addresses posted as comments here will receive 1 SKC. To receive free skeicoin please take a look at following offers:

1. Cloud Bitcoin Minersbuy bitcoin mining power online, pay for every GH/s you need and start mining instantly. No hardware is needed to mine bitcoins!


2. Poker By Proxy – do you love poker, but find that it can be difficult to achieve consistent profits? Using poker as a means to generate profit, Poker by Proxy provides investors with a surprisingly safe and powerful method to earn substantial returns on their investments.

Now just add your skeincoin address as a comment to this post and you will receive 1 SKC.

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