Augur [REP] – a decentralized prediction market platform

Augur is a prediction market platform that rewards you for correctly predicting future real-world events.

  • Predict the outcome of real-world events.
  • Earn real-money trading profits.
  • Stunningly accurate forecasts on any topic.

The main feature of Augur is decentralization. It gives Augur a unique edge over other prediction markets:

  • No central servers
  • Create your own markets
  • Low fees
  • Crowdsourced reporting
  • Safe, automated payments

What is Reputation ($REP)?

Reputation is the token behind Augur, and can be thought of as the “score” of an individual participant within Augur. Reputation is not an investment, but rather a tool necessary to make Augur work. Reputation tokens are limited to a fixed supply of 11,000,000, of which 80% was sold in our public token sale last year for a collective ~$5,300,000.

What are the benefits of owning $REP?

By owning Reputation and participating in the accurate reporting on the outcomes of events, you are entitled to a portion of Augurs market fees. Each Reputation token entitles you to 1 / 22,000,000 of Augurs total market fees.

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