Curecoin (to be launched)

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CureCoin allows owners of both ASIC and GPU/CPU hardware to earn. CureCoin puts ASICs to work at what they are good at -securing a blockchain, while it puts GPUs and CPUs to work with work items that can only be done on them -protein folding.

Curecoin launch date: TBA

Most altcoins are either in the CPU/GPU stage, or in the ASIC stage. CureCoin can be earned with both. Folders use high-end GPUs and CPUs to fold proteins, earning a proportional portion of coins set-aside automatically by the minting process for their contributions.

Curecoin specifications

  • Mining: 32 coins per block (start)
  • 1 block per minute
  • Block-halving every 1,051,200 blocks (for an increase in value)
  • Folding: 32 coins per minute (start)
  • Reward-halving every 1,051,200 blocks
  • Rewards processed on a daily basis, based on points earned

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