Protoshares [PTS] mining guide

Protoshares mining using internal miner: Extract the contents of the zip file. Double click protoshares-qt.exe. The client should connect to the network automatically but if you have trouble connecting, try opening the debug window console and type these commands:

addnode add
addnode add
addnode add
addnode add
addnode add

In the Settings menu, you can choose to mine 1, 2, or 3 processes. You can also use the debug console to start mining.

setgenerate true 1
setgenerate true 2
setgenerate true 3

After 4 or 5 minutes of mining, you can type ‘getmininginfo’ to see the hashespermin rate. Note there is a 3 process maximum because of memory limitations on the win32 client.

Protoshares Win64 miner

Download faster version of 64-bit PTS miner for Windows:

Protoshares mining pools:



Alpha version of another 64-bit PTS miner:

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