MΣC – Megacoin

megacoinMegacoin [MEC] or [MΣC] is a scrypt PoW alternate cryptocurrency launched in May 2013. It has very active development team. This coin is a real alternative to Litecoin and other scrypt altcoins.

Megacoin website: http://www.megacoin.in

Download the latest version of Megacoin Windows and OSX wallets from its official website to avoid any issues.

Megacoin technical specification:

  • Algorithm: Scrypt
  • Total number of  MEC coins: 42 million
  • Block target: 2.5 minutes
  • Difficulty retarget: every block using KGW (Kimoto Gravity Well)
  • Coin distribution: 1st 5 months, 21 million coins will be generated
    Every 21,000 blocks (1 month) the reward steps down from 500, 250, 125, 75, 50.
  • Continued Use: Through the next few decades the remaining 21 million will be generated
  • Every 420,000 blocks (2 years), the reward starts at 25 and is halved each period
  • 10.5 million come from first 2 Years of 420,000 blocks
  • ports: RPC: 7950, P2P: 7951

Megacoin teaser video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSduEXv8Sso

Github source: https://github.com/megacoin/megacoin

Megacoin mining pools:

MiningPool.Co Multiple VARDIFF stratum servers. Proportional payments
Small Time Miner Proportional Payouts, Full Block Rewards Including Tx Fees, 1% Pool Fee
CoinEx.Pw PPLNS with 10min window
Multipool Multipool
Minepool Stratum pool. Proportional payout per block after 120 confirmations and 5% reward to block finder
SwitcherCoin Multi Coin Mining
Crypto-Expert Crypto-Expert MEC Pool
MEC@NUT2POOLS Secure, Stratum, Anonymous Accounts
CoinPool.De Multiple VARDIFF stratum servers. Proportional payments!
P2Pool.Org No registration required, 2% fee.
Mining4All.EU Europe/Netherlands Based, Stratum/Vardiff with Proportional Payments, 1%
BotPool.Net Chinese Megacoin Pool!
La Minerie Europe/France Pool
Crypto Vein P2Pool, 1% fee. No usernames or passwords
SuprNova.cc Stratum, Vardiff, Load Balancing
CryptoCulture.Net Stratum, Vardiff

Megacoin is very active on Twitter and Facebook, it has many national profiles in different languages. This coin is also accepted by many merchants.

Megacoin block explorer: https://coinplorer.com/MEC

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