NMC – Namecoin

Namecoin LogoNMC – Namecoin

Namecoin is one of the first alternate cryptocurrencies based on bitcoin (sha-256) which offers additional features.

Namecoin = bitcoin + domain name services. Namecoin uses .bit domain name pool.

Windows QT wallet download:

Official website: http://namecoin.info/

Always use the latest Namecoin client version from the official website to avoid issues.

Namecoin most important features:

  • Securely register and transfer arbitrary names (keys), no possible censorship!
  • Attach values (data) to the names (currently up to 520 bytes, will be extended)
  • Trade and transact namecoins, the digital currency NMC
  • Name/value pairs are stored in the blockchain attached to coins
  • Names are acquired through new transaction types – new, first-update and update
  • Names expire after 12000 blocks unless renewed with an update
  • No two unexpired names can be identical

Sample usages of Namecoin:

  • DNS: domain_name => domain_zone_configuration (also for i2p, Tor)
  • TLS: https like encryption and secure identification by Namecoin domain/ID/name
  • Alias/Identity: user_name => user_public_identity (email, name, gpg key, BTC-adress, etc)
  • Timestamping: document_hash => document_infos (name, hash, owner, etc)
  • Broadcasting / Messaging
  • Web of trust
  • Bonds, shares
  • Voting
  • Torrent tracker

Total coins: 21 million Namecoins (the same as bitcoin). Each Namecoin is divisible down to 8 decimal places.

Namecoin currently uses the .bit domain. As of January 2014, 123616 .bit domains have been registered.

Remember to use the lastest client version! Download it from official Namecoin site http://namecoin.info/

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  • Why don’t you report to the boss the f b I will be around tomorrow.

  • mark

    Ive mined name coins, whats their value?

  • I think the Namecoin is about to die, because of the shrinking interest. There are better coins out there which are better.

  • Emerson

    Existe valor para essa moeda, comparando com o BTC, ou US$
    Estou em duvida sobre valores das moedas IXD e DVC tb, se alguem tiver informações à respeito delas, agradeço muito.

    Desde já Obrigado.

  • I was thinking that Namecoin will be worth much more!

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  • Yeah mine a bunch of em since they should be wortth over 7 million dollars US. Perhaps if we put some dead people’s faces on some people will line up around the block to buy Name Bits….