Oblivion Coin – New Algo (PoW + PoS)

Oblivion is an experimental project that aims to be community driven and utilize blockchain technology. The Oblivion blockchain is an open-source, hybrid Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain fueled by the native Oblivion (OBV) cryptocurrency. The public launch of Oblivion blockchain will occur at 02 July 2020 at 10am GMT time.

Being mineable and permissionless, with a high level of decentralisation, fair distribution and censorship-resistance is ensured from the very start. In addition, the Oblivion blockchain has not raised any external funds (premine, ICO, STO, VC) whatsoever.

To prevent “ninja mining” the blockchain will start with 1440 blocks with rewards of 0.01 OBV per block, after which the next PoW 40,000 blocks will have 2500 OBV rewards per block. For the first 2 months, Oblivion will have a hybrid PoS/PoW emission. There will be 41,440 POW blocks mined during approximately 2 months, after which only PoS-based emission remains. In other words, after 2 months, all 100m OBV coins allocated for mining will be distributed and in circulation. Once there is no more emissions from mining, a 5% annual staking reward will remain.

  • Ticker: OBV
  • Launch date: 02 July 2020 at 10am GMT time.
  • Consensus: PoW/PoS first ~2 months, thereafter PoS only
  • PoW total emission: 100m OBV
  • PoW blocks: 41,440
  • PoS staking reward: 5.0% per year
  • Block time: 2 minutes
  • Algorithm: curve25519 (custom)
  • Difficulty retargeting: every block
  • Txfee: 0.001 OBV per kB
  • Min Txfee: 0.0001 OBV
  • Min stake age: 8 hours
  • Max stake age: No max
  • Block maturity: 100 blocks
  • Eligibility: 100 coins

Oblivion’s initial distribution is via a PoW phase and thereafter switch to the more eco friendly PoS consensus first pioneered by SunnyKing in Peercoin, which is gaining popularity as we are seeing larger projects such as Ethereum switch to it.

More information about the Oblivion coin:

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