Stobox: All-in-one Security Token Platform [STBU]

Stobox is an award-winning technology and advisory company in the field of securities tokenization.

Digital securities and crypto assets are powerful disruptive tools to raise funding, provide more value to customers, and make your system more resilient. Via Stobox, you can get exposure to all kinds of digital assets and get comprehensive services to power up your business.

Stobox is recognized for its in-depth industry knowledge based on the analysis of dozens of offerings and regulatory rules, multiple analytical reports, and regular contribution to the industry top media.

Stobox introduction

Stobox website:

  • Stobox uses a proprietary token protocol, which makes blockchain tokens compliant with financial regulations.
  • It sets up for you a Digital Securities Dashboard with a diverse functionality for securities offering and investor management.
  • Stobox provides personalized advice on structuring the offering, choosing the proper jurisdiction and corporate structure, ensuring compliance while minimizing regulatory burden.

Stobox Digital Securities Dashboard allows you to digitize securities and conduct all operations with them in a convenient digital environment. Sell your shares to thousands of investors, pay dividends, organize corporate voting, and execute corporate actions in a new, digital way.

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