Okcash [OK] – The Future of Cash

OKcash is the next generation of digital currency. Advertised as the Bitcoin grandson. OKCash started a new tendency in the cryptocurrency world, by injecting a positive vibe into its design and code. A lot of new coins started to get created following these ideals and see OK as an example. Learn more about OK over the info website at: okcash.info

Main features of OKcash:

  • fast, almost instant transactions
  • no bank fees
  • secure, decentralized network
  • staking coins with the open wallet

OKcash aims to be the future of social payments:

Positive Innovation • Empowerment • Decentralization • Open Source • Multicultural • Eco-Friendly • Fast • Social

OKcash technical specification

  • Released: Nov 24th 2014
  • PoW Ended at block: 33,186
  • Total coins at the end of Pow/Pos Hybrid Period: 36,297,000 OKCash
  • Max Coin Cap: 105,000,000 OKCash
  • Full POS started: Dec 9th 2014
  • Proof of Stake

Stake Rewards: 11 halvings: 69%(year), 20%(year), 10%(year), 5%(year), 2.5%(year), 2%(4 years), 1%(4 years), .5%(4 years), .25%(4 years), .10%(4 years), .05%(4 years), .03% (forward years)

Okcash provides a solution to empower OK and secure LTSS, Bitcoin has LTPoW lasting till the year 2140, with this implementation; OK LTTS would be lasting at least to the year 2148, making it the best PoS partner for Bitcoin and MicroTransactions.

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