PascalCoin [PASC] – deletable blockchain and bank account system [PASA]

PascalCoin is the first cryptocurrency designed to work without a historical operations requirement, yet is still able to control double spending or check balance. No ICO, No premine, 100% fair distribution. Pascal Coin is an “easy to understand” and “easy to work with” Crypto, because it is very similar to a bank.

How does it work?

PascalCoin uses a SafeBox hash, modified each time a new block is generated in the blockchain. When this happens, SafeBox is updated with block operations, and then generates a new “SafeBox hash”. After this, the entire blockchain could be deleted without losing double spending efficiency, because the balance of each account is included in the SafeBox hash. SafeBox size is growing, but only 5 new accounts are created per block to control the size.

One PascalCoin account can do 3 kinds of operations:

  • Send transaction to a destination account.
  • Change key of an account. Key can be either from your wallet or to a new owner’s.
  • Recover coins (lost keys).

A video showing How To Use PascalCoin Wallet:

PascalCoin Block Explorer

Most important feature of this altcoin: Through an ingenious take on Blockchain technology, PascalCoin is the first coin to be independent of historical operations
while solving the problem of Double Spend.

The whole altcoin was written in Pascal programming language – that is the reason for this cryptocurrency name.

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