WorldCoin [WDC] – Coin Of The Future

WorldcoinWorldCoin [WDC] – “Separated by borders, unified by technology”.

WorldCoin is a scrypt cryptocurrency launched in May 2013. It is a very fast fork of Litecoin – block time is set to be no more than 60 seconds.

WorldCoin Fundation – official website:

Download the latest version of WorldCoin Windows QT wallet from Worldcoin Foundation website. Always use the current client version.

WorldCoin specifications:

  • Block time: 30 seconds
  • Confirmations: 2
  • Difficulty: Retargets every hour (120 blocks)
  • Reward: 64 coins, reduced 1% every week (20,160 blocks)
  • Total WDC Coins: 265,420,800

WorldCoin services and block explorers:

Paper Wallet Generators


Online Auction Marketplace:
Forum Market:

WorldCoin games are also available:

[WDC] WorldCoin mining pools:

You can mine WorldCoin just like any other scrypt based coin using cgminer or bfgminer and your GPU hardware.

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