BitSend [BSD] – XEVAN – 10MB – DK3 – Airdrop

What is BitSend?
BitSend is a long term project. It is a private digital currency for every generation. The POW and POS period goes 100 Years. The big target is a fair distribution. In 10 year or 20 year can you can mine BSD like today. You can mine BSD without mining equipment. You need only 25000 BSD and a server with static IP address.

BSD Masternode Network
Masternodes are full nodes, just like in the Bitcoin network, except they must provide a level of service to the network and have a bond of collateral to participate. Collateral is never forfeit and is safe while the Masternode is operating.

4,34 million BSD coins per year
Bitsend has a slow coin distribution. BSD network generates ~4.35 million coins per year. It gives 17,4 million coins after 4 years.

Invitation link->

Main Bitsend website:
BitSend Forum:

Bitsend technical specifications:

  • Algorithm: XEVAN (until block ~230K X11)
  • Masternodes
  • 10 MB Blocksize
  • 250 KB transaction size
  • BitSend Diffbreak
  • Transaction confirmations: 6
  • Total coins: 210,000,000
  • Block time: 180 seconds

Bitsend uses DarkSend – it is the name of the decentralized mixing implementation that obfuscates and provides a greater degree of privacy/anonymity to the transactions of the BitSend network.

You can get some free BSD coins here: Bitsend faucet

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