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NovaCoinNovaCoin was launched in February 2013 as first scrypt PoW + PoS coin. In short words NovaCoin combines scrypt hashing (as in Litecoin) with PoS mechanism (as in PPC).

Official website with wallet downloads: http://novacoin.org

Remember to use the latest Novacoin wallet version from the official website to avoid blockchain issues.

Novacoin has no hard cap except for the 2 billion coin max that has been entered for coding purposes; this can be lifted in the future if needed.

Main NovaCoin features:

  • scrypt hashing, PoW + PoS
  • slightly different emission model
  • separated target limits for Proof-Of-Stake and Proof-Of-Work
  • new blocks signing protocol allowing implement the full p2pool support

NovaCoin emission model:

There are two types of blocks in NVC blockchain: Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake. Each makes contribution into existent coins volume.

  • Proof-of-Work block reward: nBlockReward = 100 / (nMaxTarget / nCurrentTarget) ^ (1/6)
  • Proof-of-Stake block reward is based on CoinAge parameter and Proof-of-Stake difficulty. Interest formula: nRewardCoinYear = 1 / (nMaxPoSTarget / nCurrentPoSTarget) ^ (1/6)

NovaCoin block explorer: http://explorer.novaco.in

NVC mining pools:

NovaCoin can be exchanged to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on Vircurex coin exchange.

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