WCX – a new global low-cost altcoin exchange

Stop putting up with substandard exchanges. WCX cryptocurrency exchange offers a pro experience and 10x lower fees. So far over 20,000 people have joined.

WCX Altcoin Exchange Features

  • Tiny Fees. Some exchanges charge up to 1% in fees on every transaction. WCX is 10x cheaper and market makers are paid. That means more money stays in your pocket.
  • Built For Scale. Our trading engine was built by Wall Street veterans and field tested for three years, relaying over one million transactions per second without hiccups.
  • Secure. 98% of customer funds are kept in cold storage at all times and server infrastructure is segregated and protected with the latest security software.
  • Global & Anonymous. Start trading wherever you are in the world – no ID verification required. WCX operates entirely with digital currency and does not deal with banks.
  • Team. WCX team comes from Apple, Deutsche Bank, and IBM, and has decades of experience in building secure, distributed, and massive-volume systems
  • Advanced Order Types. Easily submit market, limit, stop, trailing stop, and block orders that work exactly as you expect – with unmatched execution speed.

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  • Beta Launch. 9.1.17
  • ICO. 9.9.17
  • Launch. 10.10.17
  • I18n. Dec 2018
  • Mobile Apps. Jan 2018
  • Margin Trading. Mar 2018
  • Fiat Integration. Q2 2018
  • Wallet Decentralization. Q3 2018

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