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Dogecoin blockchain bootstrap files

If you need to synchronize the Dogecoin blockchain the best option is to download a bootstrap file. Copy the downloaded files to your Dogecoin Core directory and start the client with –reindex and –rescan options to rescan downloaded blockchain. Dogecoin … Continue reading

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How to run a Dogecoin node on a VPS server

This is a quick guide how to configure and start a full Dogecoin node on a VPS server. The Dogecoin network needs more full nodes so please help it by running your own. Create an Ubuntu 21.04 VPS server with … Continue reading

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Dogecoin Core nodes

Dogecoin is getting more and more popular due to recent Elon Musk’s twitter activity. If you use the Dogecoin Core client (current version 1.14) you might have difficulties with blochchain synchronization. To speed up the Dogecoin blockchain download process first … Continue reading

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