aelf – Decentralized Cloud Computing

AELF advertises itself as a decentralized cloud computing blockchain network. It is going to have commercial-scale performance, self-evolving capability and resource segregation and cross-chain communication.

Main features of AELF:

  • Self-evolving Main Chain and Side Chains
  • Highly efficient redundancy cross-chain communication
  • Main Chain + N Side Chains
  • Optimized ‘OS’ architecture
  • Fast transaction processing

Commercial applications on AELF – Establish business alliance (startup + corporate) to promote Blockchain innovation; Explore new business models with leading Consulting firms.

Grid Foundation is being set up in Singapore as the Governance entity for ælf. It will implement comprehensive management and governance model, fully compliant with regulations and laws in Singapore.

Receive free AELF coins – register now

Register to receive free aelf tokens by completing daily twitter activity. You need to register to see more details, an invitation code is needed – register for aelf candy program with this code: 0Z0M9EfJdB0J on

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