Ethereum Cloud Miner

Ethereum (EHT) is one of the most interesting and discussed coins in 2015 and 2016.

In short words it is not only an altcoin but also a whole programming environment. It is a very unique and innovative solution in altcoin world.

Ethereum can be mined with modern GPU hardware, just like Bitcoin in old good years.  How about ETH mining profabilty?

You can easily mine Ethereum on any PC with Windows or Linux. You need a fast GPU like AMD R9 290X, AMD 7870, AMD R7 370, GTX 960. These cards enable Ethereum mining with 10-25 MH/s.

But how to participate in Ethereum’s success without modern and expensive GPU cards?

There is a solution for this:

Online Ethereum Cloud Miner

Cloud mining of Ethereum will start on March 21st. It is still a good time to purchase ETH mining power with special discount. Use this promo code: HF16ETHER12 to start mining ETH with only $3.75 per 100 kHash/sec.

>>> Click here to start mining ETH in the cloud! <<<

You can start mining Ethereum without your own GPU devices. The whole mining process is done in the cloud. Miners are located in a secured, dedicated datacenter. You can adjust the mining power you want to add to your account. The mining process it totally hands-free. There are no additional fees for maintenance and electricity for the first year.

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