Minereum ICO – First Self Mining Smart Contract [MNE]

Minereum is the first ever self mining Smart Contract Token. Coins are generated on the fly with a mathematical formula.

Minereum goes back to the basics and attempts to bring a new mining approach to the cryptocurrency space.

Minereum brings the First Self Mining Smart Contract to the altcoin environment. Minereum now allows anyone to create their Ethereum Token for 10 MNE.

Symbol: MNE
Type: Ethereum token
Smart contract address: 0x1a95b271b0535d15fa49932daba31ba612b52946

How to Buy Minereum Tokens – a quick guide:

  1. Open an account at Livecoin altcoin exchange
  2. After logging in click on Balances on the top menu
  3. Load your Livecoin.net account with Bitcoin or Etherem by clicking on Deposit. Transfer your bitcoins or ethereum to the displayed address.
  4. When your deposit is done, click on the menu Buy / Sell and select Trading
  5. On the Search box type MNE, you will find two pairs MNE/BTC and MNE/ETH
  6. Select the pair you wish for Trading and buy Minereum
  7. To Withdraw, click on the Menu Balance, locate Minereum and click on WITHDRAWAL. Follow the steps, input your Ethereum Wallet Address and your MNEs will be transfered to your wallet shortly.

Minereum Mining Process

Mining in minereum is performed on the fly with a mathematical formula. The total coins created is 0.00032 MNE per Genesis Address and per ethereum block. As there are 4268 Genesis Addresses and as an ethereum block takes an average of 15 seconds, this is the aprox. MNE mined per day:

[TotalGenesisAddresses] * [RewardPerAddress] * [TotalEthBlocksPerDay] = Total coins generated per day

4268 * 0.00032 * 5760 = 7866.7776 MNE per day

As a comparison example: ​ethereum has a total of 5 coins created per block, which makes the total coins generated per day at 28800 ETH. minereum has a creation rate 72% lower than ethereum.

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