Novus: AFIX – Advanced File Index

Instant unlimited access to anything is the motto of Novus: AFIX – Advanced File IndexNovus is a software development firm specializing in blockchain technology leading the development of the Novusphere. They are registered as a legal entity in state of Delaware (USA) with the file number 6358377.

The Advanced File Index (“AFIX”) is a project of Novus utilizing the Novusphere blockchain based database and network intended to act as a layer to IPFS. This database allows us to build a refined index for any files that exist on the IPFS network while providing metadata about the file. Metadata is an arbitrary JSON object associated with the file provided when submitting the IPFS file hash to the index.

AFIX Project Scope

The top priority is to create a tangible product that can be used by the typical consumer early on. As such, the blockchain and decentralization of that product comes second. The intentions are that rather the developers taking year/s to develop technology with nothing tangible to show creates a lot of uncertainty. Novus will present a working product that you can feel and use so you don’t have to imagine our vision. Decentralization will be achieved through the development of the Novusphere blockchain.

Novus Crowdfunding and Coin Distribution

The primary asset/coin of the Novusphere blockchain shall be called atmos (ATMS). A temporary PoS coin will be issued until the Novusphere blockchain is available. A total of 110,000,000 atmos will be the initial supply of which 10,000,000 will be reserved as a development fund.

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