Bitmark [BTM]

Bitmark [BTM] is a scrypt based PoW coin released in July 2014. Bitmark’s goal is to create a relatively stable, user focussed, crypto currency which refines and implements maturing innovations from the crypto currency sector.

Bitmark Earned Value: no hype, no rush to get on exchanges, no ipo, premine, it’s not a cash cow, it’s a project to make a viable every day currency, any value will be earned.

Most development effort and innovation goes in to making bitmark as user friendly, and simple to integrate as possible.

Bitmark [BTM] release – source code and wallet download links:

Bitmark website:

Bitmark technical specifications:

  • Scrypt PoW
  • Block Time: 120 Seconds (2 Minutes)
  • Block Maturity & Difficulty Re-target: 720 Blocks (1 Day)
  • Block Reward & Currency Supply: 20 Bitmarks
  • Total Bitmark Supply: ~27.58 million coins

More information:

Bitmark mining pools:

Announcement and main discussion thread:

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