How to buy VeVe NFT with Bitcoin

VeVe is a new platform for NFT digital collectibles. You can buy digital characters from Batman, DC Comics, Carton Network, Ghost Busters and many more. Here is a guide hot to purchase them with Bicoin and other cryptocurrency.

First, install the VeVe app on your smarthpone.

Set up your account and open the wallet tab. Click settings and enable the OMI wallet. OMI (Ecomi) is a token used by the VeVe app. You can exchange Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to OMI (Ecomi) to buy NFTs.

With the OMI wallet enabled in your VeVe app you are ready to receive OMI tokens (Ecomi) from a cryptocurrency exchange or other wallet.

Exchange Bitcoin to OMI

Use BitMax cryptocurrency exchange to swap Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, USDT, USDC and other altcoins to the OMI tokens (ECOMI) on the GO20 blockchain. Register here to exchange OMI.

Then withdraw your OMI to your GO20 address seen in your wallet tab. Make sure you use the OMI receiving address, not the GEM address. GEMs are used directly to buy NFT digital collectibles.

The last step is to convert your OMI (Ecomi) to GEM. This can be done easily in the VeVe app using the swap button. You will exchange OMI to GEM at the current price, where 1 GEM = 1 USD. Now you have GEMs and you are ready to buy digital collectibles in!

Latest OMI (ECOMI) price and market data

Have fun with your collection!

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