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TagCoin TagCoin – The World’s First Rewards Coin

This is a new Scrypt coin released on 24th October 2013.

Tagbond is a startup trying to change a few things in the membership and rewards sector. Tagbond itself is a mixture of ideas from Multiply, Google Adsense, Groupon and Paypal. Anyone can create a community, and add marketing modules to promote on Tagbond itself, or via Facebook and other sites. These modules are called tagverts, which include coupons, prize draws, polls/surveys, mini shopping carts, loyalty cards, competitions and more.

TagCoin specifications

  • Starting difficulty: 0.5
  • Pow/PoS hybrid (1.5% yearly interest, PoS blocks generated after 30 days of coin age)
  • Hashing Algorithm: Scrypt
  • Coins per block: 30
  • PoW Subsidy reduction: 1% every 3 months, minimum reward of 3 coins
  • Time between blocks: 4 minutes
  • Retarget: Every 2 hours, with a 25% limit in either direction
  • Network Port: 8623
  • RPC Port: 9624

Important TagCoin features

Fairness – Difficulty will start out at a reasonable value so no one can get an unfair advantage
Sustainability – Parameters have been chosen such that TagCoin can survive well into the future
Services – Tagbond and TagCash are just the start of the ecosystem that will we be building around TagCoin
Transparency – Open Conversation and discussion with the founders and staff within Tagbond

Tagcoin downloads and links

Windows QT wallet: http://tagcoin.org/tagcoin-qt.zip
Ubuntu QT wallet: http://tagcoin.org/tagcoin_ubuntu.zip

Source Code: http://tagcoin.org/tagcoin-master.zip
Git: https://github.com/tagcoin

Official website: http://tagcoin.org

Tagcoin mining pools


Tagcoin exchanges


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