IXC – iXcoin

The International eXchange Coin (IXC)

ixcoin logoiXcoin is the first Bitcoin clone, created in May 2011 just a few weeks after the distributed DNS Namecoin. The iXcoin fork of Bitcoin was created by Thomas Nasakioto in May 2011.

IxCoin official website with client download links: http://www.ixcoin.co/

Always remember to use the latest IXC client from the official website.

IxCoin specifications and differences from Bitcoin:

  • sha-256 algo
  • 21 million total coins
  • 96 coins per block
  • Shorter maturity period – all 21 million iXcoins will have been
    generated by 2015
  • iXcoin maturity will be reached ~18 years before Bitcoin’s. By
    mid-2013, the number of IXC and BTC will reach parity (for a brief
  • new blockchain

IXC forum: http://ixc.boards.net/

IxCoin can be merged mined with Bitcoin and other important sha-256 altcoins with ASIC miners. Recommened merged mining pool for IXC: http://mmpool.bitparking.com/register

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