MediterraneanCoin [MED]

Mediterraneancoin [MED]

Mediterraneancoin is a derivative of Bitcoin/Litecoin using a new proof-of-work algorithm called HybridScryptHash256.


The new Proof of Work algorithm HybridScryptHash256 is described in detail here:

HybridScryptHash256 integrates the best of Hash256 and Scrypt algorithms, allowing the reuse of the less powerful ASIC Block Erupter devices.

HybridScryptHash256 allows all the users of erupters and similar small ASIC devices to mine an altcoin without having “whales” coming and disrupt mining.

Mediterraneancoin website:

With HybridScryptHash256, each Hash256 mining iteration with an erupter is encapsulated between two Scrypt stages (a memory intensive algorithm whose parameters depend on the current difficulty).

In this way, a good amount of CPU power (or maybe even GPU power) is necessary for each Hash256 dedicated hardware.

If a miner owns a lot of Hash256 computing power, in order to mine Mediterraneancoins, he will need also a corresponding CPU power.

If the correspondent CPU power is not available, then the Hash256 compunting power is automatically limited.

Mediterraneancoin specifications

  • 200 million total coins 
  • protocol port: 9373
  • rpc port: 9372
  • 1 minute block targets
  • about 6 hour to retarget difficulty
  • Special reward system: random block rewards depending on block number:
block number reward
1-100k random 1-100 MediterraneanCoins reward
100k – 200k 1-200 MediterraneanCoins reward
200k – 300k 1-150 MediterraneanCoins reward
300k – 400k 1-100 MediterraneanCoins reward
400k – 500k 1-70 MediterraneanCoins reward
500k – 600k 1-40 MediterraneanCoins reward
> 600k 20 MediterraneanCoins reward (flat)
after that, subsidy halves in 1036k blocks (~1 year)

Mediterraneancoin Windows wallet download:

Mcproxy included – needed for new hashing algorithm.

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